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Latest Blog Posts

DiGRA Students presents Ludodemia

DiGRA Students is proud to present our latest endeavor: Ludodemia.

What is Ludodemia?

Ludodemia is a database for game studies research organized by topic. This database was originally created by the Wellcome Trust as a resource for finding important articles related…Continue reading »

Academics on Twitter

What began as a crowd sourcing experiment on Twitter by Jamie Madigan (@JamieMadigan), has now become an excellent resource of video game academic types on Twitter. DiGRAstudents.org is happy to be hosting a copy of what has grown to be a compilation of information for over 50 game studies researchers across the globe. Check it out!


Your DiGRA Student Reps (Rachel & Ashley)

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Games Research Journals Map

DiGRA Students is happy to announce the launch of the Games Research Journals Map!

There has been a recent thread across the GAMESNETWORK mailing list about what academic journals are pertinent for game scholars (i.e., what journals actively publish games-related articles). I…Continue reading »

DiGRA 2013 Student Events Update

After months of hard work with the Atlanta-based Georgia Tech crew, we are very excited to announce special, student-focused features for DiGRA 2013!


DiGRA 2013 will have a mentorship programme unlike any other. And we’ve got badges. We’ve all been there. Too nervous to approach a favourite author. Too afraid of rejection to ask the big shot in the room about postdoc opportunities. Too worried about being a nuisance to start a conversation with a favourite developer. Well, Student DiGRA has the answer- social lubricant in the form of badges! Keep an eye out during breaks and meals…Continue reading »

Games Research Map

Please check out our new version of DiGRA’s Games Research Map. We loved the content of the original, but the layout was rather frustrating and made it difficult to fully comprehend. We spent some time to come up with what we think is a much cleaner and user-friendly version. We hope you agree!

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